i heart maps

Maps are fun. I love the process and the finished product. But like most worthwhile projects, in the middle they can be challenging.

A map must precisely reflect reality so there’s not a lot of wiggle room regarding structure. That said, after establishing the framework, it’s amazing how much character can be added with design and illustration. To see what I mean, check out two of my recent map projects.

Summer Camp

cool camp map

Camp Greystone is a magical camp located up in the mountains of western North Carolina. Click the map to enlarge.

SEWE /  Downtown Charleston

SEWE map

SEWE updated their map for the 2013 show. Jonathan Miller, author of the Sammy Dog Books series, provided some awesome illustrations. Click the map to enlarge.

chance to give back

beach boys

I recently had the chance to work with MillVillageFarms on their 1st Annual Beach Biz Camp. MVG is a non-profit in Greenville, SC run by Mr. Cool himself, Dan Weidenbenner. Their mission is to grow food (and oh boy do they) as well as develop employment opportunities for youths in mill villages.

all the logos

Dan brought 7 guys, all teens enrolled in the summer program, down for a field trip to Charleston to learn, explore and beach it. Each participant is learning about entrepreneurialism and putting together a business plan to be launched later this year.

The course is tough, but I was able to teach them about the fun stuff: branding and logo design. It was a blast. These kids were awesome and their business ideas were legit: a high-end sock company, hand-picked flowers, popsicles, a pie shop, car wash, drum school, etc. We ended class by sketching out logo ideas for their companies.

It was a great two days. Thanks Dan for what you’re doing and best of luck to all the young entrepreneurs.