Drink and Draw #chs

If you like to draw and you like other people and you live in Charleston, SC you should check out Drink and Draw Charleston. Meetings occur monthly at a local bar or brewery and are tons of fun. Basically, you pull 2-3 random prompts from a bag and use that as inspiration for your drawings. Here are some of my drawings:

“2 Jellyfish Fighting Over a Hotdog”

a comic about two jellyfish fighting over a hotdog

“Cute Waltzing Cactus”

two cacti dancing

My doodles are silly but all styles (and skill level) are welcomed. Check out the hashtag #drinkanddraw or follow @drinkanddrawchs on Twitter or Insta.

They also have really cool letterpress drink coasters printed by Ink Meets Paper.

See you there,



My Daily Sketches

isle of palms sketch
Isle of Palms on a cloudy day

This year I attended a graphic design conference and one topic really stuck out. Danny Gregory spoke about the importance of keeping a daily sketchbook. As a creative professional, it’s easy to forget that one of the fundamental reasons I entered into this field was the simple joy of making stuff. Many of us forget that making art can be just for fun. And it’s okay to have fun everyday, right?

sketches of people
Random people from papers/mags on my desk

Danny encouraged us to focus on the process of drawing and not to think too much about the subject matter and/or end result. Everyday people and things are perfect to sketch. I’ve taken his advice and found it to be a joyful experience and a wonderful way to start the day. I’m not as practiced as Danny, but one day I hope to be. A few of my sketches can be seen on this post. Check out Danny’s youtube channel to see some of his work. It’s fantastic.

waterfront park charleston sketch
Waterfront Park looking back into Charleston