App Review: Pocket

How It Works 

pocket logoPretty simple: let’s say you’re plugging away on your work computer and stumble across a fascinating, but completely un-work-related article. You know you shouldn’t stop and read it right now… but what if … what if it’s important? What if you forget about it later? What if it contains the latest secret tip that all the movers and shakers already know and you are on the precipice of falling irretrievably behind? Maybe that’s just me.

Pre-pocket, I used to just leave articles as an open browser window for days, if not weeks, on end. Half the time, I would shut down my computer and lose the article forever. Now, I just click the Pocket button, conveniently located in my browser, and it automatically sends the article to the Pocket App on my phone.

Later when I’m free, I pull up the the app and read through all my saved content. The interface is clean and the articles are easy to read. Quite often, I find it amusing to see that what was “so important” while I was working isn’t even worth reading in my free time.

Thanks Ross from over at Hooray Armadillo for telling me about it.

chance to give back

beach boys

I recently had the chance to work with MillVillageFarms on their 1st Annual Beach Biz Camp. MVG is a non-profit in Greenville, SC run by Mr. Cool himself, Dan Weidenbenner. Their mission is to grow food (and oh boy do they) as well as develop employment opportunities for youths in mill villages.

all the logos

Dan brought 7 guys, all teens enrolled in the summer program, down for a field trip to Charleston to learn, explore and beach it. Each participant is learning about entrepreneurialism and putting together a business plan to be launched later this year.

The course is tough, but I was able to teach them about the fun stuff: branding and logo design. It was a blast. These kids were awesome and their business ideas were legit: a high-end sock company, hand-picked flowers, popsicles, a pie shop, car wash, drum school, etc. We ended class by sketching out logo ideas for their companies.

It was a great two days. Thanks Dan for what you’re doing and best of luck to all the young entrepreneurs.