2014 Happy New Year Card

Way back when, I lived in Japan for awhile. They do things a little differently over there and I observed that many people sent out new year’s postcards (nengajō) similarly to the way we send Christmas cards. So this year, instead of adding my small voice to the mighty holiday chorus, I decided to send my very own 2014 New Years card.

envelope: year of the horse

front of new years card

back left of the card

abd logo

Perhaps you didn’t get a card (or the joke)? Shoot me your mailing address at ab(at)andrewbartondesign.com and I’ll see what can be done next year.

Happy New Year!

i heart maps

Maps are fun. I love the process and the finished product. But like most worthwhile projects, in the middle they can be challenging.

A map must precisely reflect reality so there’s not a lot of wiggle room regarding structure. That said, after establishing the framework, it’s amazing how much character can be added with design and illustration. To see what I mean, check out two of my recent map projects.

Summer Camp

cool camp map

Camp Greystone is a magical camp located up in the mountains of western North Carolina. Click the map to enlarge.

SEWE /  Downtown Charleston

SEWE map

SEWE updated their map for the 2013 show. Jonathan Miller, author of the Sammy Dog Books series, provided some awesome illustrations. Click the map to enlarge.