Lapel Pin Mania

There’s a revolution brewing in collectibles – lapel pins. They’ve been in the ascendant for a few years now and Instagram is flooded with them. Have you noticed?

Are they practical? Not for my wardrobe. Are they cheap? Not really. Are they NSFW? Depends where you work.

But are they cool? Yes. ?

In fact, here are a few that struck me:

LAMBORGHINI MERCY? • #PINTRILL x @mrflawless1 releasing tomorrow via + in store

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✨?✨ (tap photo for sources!)

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Foods before dudes… I seem to (unsurprisingly) have a growing collection of food related pins. All makers tagged!

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Solve this ??? >> Cube puzzle and toy-inspired pins in our online shop

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Nope #pin #ilovepins

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This is just a tiny drop in an ocean of cheap metal and plastic. There are so many different kinds. It’s crazy. Go jump on instagram and check out some pin-friendly hashtags like #lapelpin or #pingame (remember, I warned you about the NSFW part).

So what do they cost?

They range in price and start around $10 a piece. To test the margins on this, I whipped up a quick design and got it quoted from a random vendor online. 200 of these puppies cost ~$420.00. So not, perhaps, a mechanism for getting rich quick, but it could be a cool way for you (or your company) to stand out at a tradeshow or reward your people or say “thanks” to your customers.

Here’s the design I submitted if you’re curious.

charleston lapel pin

Maybe, I’ll get in the game.

Have a good week.




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